PayBright Financing

PayBright has now teamed up with PayBright to offer you 12-Month payment plans!

What do I need to apply for PayBright?
2 pieces of id – one being photo to process the credit application. Once the client is approved they simply provide a cheque or PAD (pre-authorized debit form) to create the customer agreement.

What is the minimum customer agreement amount?
The minimum agreement amount is $ 300.00 and this is enforced by the system.

What is the interest rate for the 12-month payment plan?
The interest rates will vary between 14.99% & 19.99% depending on your credit score.

Why do you request my email address?
This enables you to have full access to your PayBright account online, where you can make requests such as making extra payments or paying out early. PayBright does not share your information, and your privacy is protected.

Can I have my monthly payments debited from my credit card?
No, the only method of monthly withdrawal is from your chequing account.

Can I make extra payments, and/or pay out earlier?
Yes, most clients prefer to call PayBright directly to arrange. You also can do it through your PayBright customer portal.

Am I obligated to make a purchase if I apply?
No, by applying below, PayBright simply does a "soft" credit check in order for you to see if you will be approved, and for what amount.

Can I use PayBright as a payment method to checkout on
Unfortunately, we have not added that option yet. PayBright Financing can only be done in person at our Laval, QC location.